Jeffrey Kruse works closely with law firms to make them more efficient and competitive. As a successful attorney with more than 20 years of experience, Jeff has the experience and knowledge to help guide other firms on a successful path. His assistance provides stronger law firm support and more informed operational decision-making.

Jeffrey can consult with law firms to develop a customized support strategy and developmental plan. He can also work with them to complete a cost/benefit analysis of different proposals. His work in this field has garnered the attention of several organizations that have given him awards on improving the value of firms and businesses. One such award was the “Value Improvement Award for Law Firm Budgeting Project” in April 2015.

A particular area of interest and experience of Jeff’s is eDiscovery. He is a recognized leader in this field and has experience guiding firms through challenging eDiscovery issues. His experience includes establishing the discovery team and systems for Boston Scientific. He personally assisted with discovery software solutions. He can discuss your eDiscovery processes and how he can make them more efficient.