When a business needs legal advice but does not have its own legal department, it often seeks the help of outside general counsel. Additionally, some in-house legal departments may seek additional external legal assistance if an issue arises that is outside the typical purview of the internal legal department.

Jeffrey Kruse has provided legal assistance, advice and representation to numerous local businesses. His unique background as a litigator and mediator gives him multiple perspectives on how to approach and resolve legal issues. He can advise businesses when it is best to negotiate an out-of-court settlement or when it is important to proceed with litigation.

Jeff’s background as in-house counsel allowed him to provide innovative solutions and targeted legal advice on matters such as:
• Regulatory compliance
• Quality assurance
• Risk mitigation
• Marketing
• Corporate communications
• Business resolutions

Jeff respects the desire of area businesses to expand their business operations, increase their profit margin and improve the local economy. He has received several notable recognitions for improving the value of businesses and legal departments. He has also been recognized for his ability to provide affordable fees in discovery matters and in improving budgets.